What is Chia?

A greener crypto currency, the Chia Consensus algorithm aims to create an environmentally friendly, secure, and decentralized alternative to proof of work and proof of stake.

What is this site all about?

Having spent plenty of time in Keybase and on Reddit it’s really apparent that help is required. The same questions keep on popping up so we thought it might be an idea to create a repository of help articles.

Who are we?

Just a couple of people who like the Chia project and want to help. We’re not profiting from this but we do have costs. If you want to donate some Mojos to keep us going then it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

We’re doing this for love but if you like the service then please send us a some Mojo @: xch1dpgm7qq5pcv6l0337va70fca24azqpjhm8rq6rpqe5hts0dj7qas20e77u

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